Creative Sound Blaster Vibra16XV WavEffects CT4170

Technical details
Name: Sound Blaster Vibra16XV WavEffects
Company: Creative Technology Ltd
Chipset: Vibra16XV CT2511-SAT / CT2511-SBT on card 2
Bus: ISA 16 bit
Connectors: Speaker Out, Line In, Mic In, MIDI/Game, CD/AUX,Speaker In
Standards (DOS): SB, SB Pro (mono), SB16, Adlib, SB MPU-401 external
Manufactured: 1997

This cards port is configured by ISA-PnP.
The Sound Blaster 16 is capable of Stereo playback at 44 kHz 16 bit.
This card has DSP 4.13. It uses Creatives own FM-synthesis implementation called CQM instead of an Yamaha OPL3.
Card two already uses colored jacks. The WavEffects card came with Creative WaveSynth a software wavetable synthesizer.

Creative Sound Blaster 16/AWE drivers

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