miro miroCRYSTAL 20SD VLB

Technical details
Name: miroCRYSTAL 20SD VLB
Company: miro Computer Products AG
Chipset: S3 Vision864 86C864-P
Bus: Vesa Local Bus
RAM: 2 MB DRAM 70ns MT4C16270DJ-7
DAC: AT&T ATT20C498-13 135 MHz
Connectors: VGA, VESA
Manufactured: 1994

The S3 Vision864 has full acceleration support in Windows. It supports modes up to 1408x1024 at 70 Hz or 1280x1024 at 75 Hz (see hardware manual page 10). Win95b and Win98/Win98SE has drivers included. S3 drivers supplied with DirectX5 seem to be fastest.

S3 Drivers
miro miroCRYSTAL Win95 drivers 2.21
miroCRYSTAL high-speed Win NT4 drivers 1.20
S3 VBE20 3.18 driver and speed tool