Guillemot Maxi Sound 64 Dynamic 3D

Technical details
Name: Maxi Sound 64 Dynamic 3D
Company: Guillemot
Chipset: ESS AudioDrive ES1868F, Dream SAM9407, 2 MB RAM
Bus: ISA 16 bit
Connectors: Line-Out, Speaker Out, Surround Out, Line-In, Mic-In, Game/Midi
Manufactured: 1997

Markings SC8600 LITE
'Late' ISA sound card that has basically two chipsets on a single card. The Dream SAM9407 DSP can be equipped with max. 16 MB Wavetable RAM as PS/2 SIMM. 2 MB Wavetable RAM are already on board.
The Codec is a ESS AudioDrive.
AudioDrive: SB, SB Pro, WSS, FM synthesis, external MIDI port.
Dream SAM9407: GM / GS + effects

Specification of the Dream SAM9407:
128 instruments, 97 sound variations, 200 percussion sounds in 16 drum sets
64 voices polyphony, 34 with all effects/inputs/surround enabled.
multi timbral on 16 channels
8 Reverb, 8 Chorus variations
4 channels equalizer, surround sound
GM/GS compatible

16 bit, 44.1 kHz, full duplex
Playback of up to 8 wave files at the same time while one track is recorded with realtime effects on each seperate track.
Dynamical noise filter

4 band equalizer and surround as after effects on MIDI, Wave, CD, Line-In, Micro
Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Flanger are useable on each Wave or Midi track, also pitch on the Wave tracks.
Echo and Reverb can be applied in realtime on the inputs.

Additionally all features of the ESS AudioDrive chips can be used. The ESS Codecs output is routed through the Dream DSP such that effects can be applied.
The card brings 2 MB RAM and can be expanded to 18 MB. Drivers and tools are mainly targeted for Win9x. The initialization tools for DOS allow to load a soundfont to RAM to get GM playback. The box features a special version of the game POD with special Maxi Sound 64 support. Also note that the photo of the card on the box is different from the actual hardware. It shows an addition ROM with Dream label close to the 2 MB RAM chip. They probably had to revise the PCB due to the pending lawsuit for using a version of the Roland Sound Canvas soundfont and removed the ROM with it.

Guillemot Maxi Sound 64 Dynamic 3D Drivers and Software

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