386 mainboard CACHE-32A

Technical details
Name: 386 mainboard
Company: unknown
CPU, FPU: Intel 80386DX-33 with 33 MHz, Intel 80387DX-33
Chipset: Chips P82C301, P82C206, 2x P82C305, P82C302, P82A304, P82A303
Memory: on separate card, 4 banks a 4 SIMM sockets, max. 1 MB per SIMM
Bus: 4x ISA 16 bit, 3x ISA 8 bit
Connectors: AT power, Keyboard, front-module pins, external battery
Form factor: Baby-AT
Manufactured: 1990

A early 386 mainboard with cache support. It has a socketed Intel 82385-33 cache controller and 64 kB L2 cache. While the chipset is rated for 25 MHz it is run here at 33 MHz. As the mainboard is already filled with chips the board uses and extra memory card. The BIOS is an early AMI BIOS with CMOS and XCMOS setup.