Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D PnP

Technical details
Name: Waverider Platinum 3D PnP
Company: Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd.
Chipset: Aztech AZT2320, Samsung SEC C727B KS0164, KS0174-1M04
Bus: ISA 16 bit
Connectors: Speaker Out, Line Out, Line In, Mic In, CD In. MIDI/Game
Standards (DOS): SB Pro, Adlib, MPU-401 external and internal wavetable, Game
Manufactured: 1997

This card is configured by ISA-PnP.
The card has the same design as the Pro 16 III-PnP just with additional on board Wavetable. The wavetable is a Samsung Omniwave Synthesizer with 32 voices/16bit/44.1kHz and a 1 MB ROM on the card. (support for compressed samples). It is GM, GS compatible and supports also MT-32 instrument mapping. The Synthesizers Firmware was developed at Sequoia Development Group by Pegasus Technologies.

in DOS the tool AZTPNP.EXE is used to set the configuration. The Windows 95 driver version 1.10 installs additionally an Software Synthesizer with 64 voices. (Conexant Wavestream Synthesizer) It comes with a 9 MB Endless WaveStream Soundfont. Aztech included a third MIDI device called Aztech Compound Synthesizer where the MIDI playback device for each instrument can be chosen. The readme advertises it as 96 voices synthesizer (32 hardware voices + 64 software voices). The software synth can only be used in Windows 9x.

The wavetable playback quality is quite good.

Samsung OmniWave KS0164 Documentation

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Conexant Wavestream Synthesizer Press Release

Aztech Waverider Platinum 3D PnP Drivers
Read index.txt for file identification.

Driver in config.sys:

Aztech Compound Synthesis Engine: