Innovation SSI-2001 replica (SID sound card)

Technical details
Name: SSI-2001 replica
Company: private
Chipset: MOS/CSG Sound Interface Device 6581 or 8580
Bus: ISA 8 bit
Compatibility: SID
Manufactured: 2014 in Russia

This is a replica of the Innovation SSI-2001 sound card that utilizes the SID chip known from the C64 for sound. The original SSI-2001 used a SID 6581R4. The replica allows to use also the later 8580 revision of the SID chip. The original card also runs at 0.89 MHz which deviates from the clock of the C64, so that music played from emulators on such card have a too high pitch. The replica allows to set also 1.02 MHz as SID clock as well as custom filter capacitors.
There are rumors about an earlier version of the SSI-2001 released as "The Entertainer" which was advertised on a sheet included with the game Gunship in version 429.04. An in detail discussion can be found at the Vintage Computing forums: The Entertainer" sound card exposed.

There are only a few PC games that support the SID based sound card:

Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess / Digital Effects
Battletech: The Crescent Hawks' Revenge / Digital Effects
F-19 Stealth Fighter
Falcon A.T.
Joe Montana Football / Digital Effects
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. I
Red Storm Rising
Super Jeopardy! / Digital Effects
Ultima VI: The False Prophet / Music (Conversion from Commodore 128 version of Ultima VI)
Windwalker / Intro Music

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Most PC games supporting the SSI-2001 use the SID for 4-bit digital effects only played through the volume register. So they are not utilizing the capabilities of the SID chip at all.

A note regarding the following video captures: The card was used as on the picure, with SID 8580R5. An actual SSI-2001 would have a SID 6581R4. So the music may deviate slightly.

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Ultima VI with SSI-2001:

Windwalker Intro with SSI-2001: