HP BASIC Language Processor Board HP82321A

Technical details
Name: HP BASIC Language Processor Board HP82321A
Company: Hewlett Packard
Chipset: Motorola 68000FN8, TMS9914ANL (for GPIB)
Memory: 2 MB
Bus: ISA
Connectors: GPIB, Bus extension for 68K computer system on top edge
Manufactured: 1991

This ISA card allows HP Vectra PCs to run HP BASIC programs originally developed on HP 9000 workstations. The card features a complete Motorola 68000 computer and a GPIB extension for external peripherals.
Starting from MS-DOS a driver allows to include the hard disk as mass storage device. The actual firmware for the 68K computer on the card is provided by software and depending on the installation either BASIC or PASCAL can be run. The latest HP BASIC Version is 5.14. On BASIC startup the software scans for additional measurement cards that can be plugged additionally and connected with the top edge connector to the 68K system. See also HP 82306A GPIO Interface in the gallery. Software access to extension cards is provided by libraries for the BASIC system that are loaded as well when present.
Once started it is possible to leave a program running in background while working in DOS. This card is currently running in my HP Vectra 286/12 with the 82306A GPIO interface.

Additional Software, Manuals and Documentation at HP Museum Melbourne Australia (great job guys)

Loading the DOS driver for the board.

Booting HP BASIC. Note the additional HP98622 DIO card.

System is up and preparing to switch from DOS on the 286 to the 68K system.

Basic Startup screen

Loaded Libraries.