ATi Rage Fury MAXX (2x Rage 128 Pro)

Technical details
Name: Rage Fury MAXX
Company: Array Technologies Inc.
Chipset: 3D Rage 128 Pro 125 MHz
Bus: AGP 4x
RAM: 2x 32 MB SDRAM 7 ns 128 bit at 143 MHz
DAC: integrated 300 MHz 32 bit
Connectors: VGA
PCI ID 2x VENDOR 1002 DEVICE 5046 on AGP
Manufactured: 2000

The Rage Fury MAXX uses two Rage 128 Pro GPUs to increase 3D performance with alternate frame rendering (AFR). It should compete with the Geforce256 and 3dfx Voodoo5. However performance is on the level of a Geforce 256 SDR. Both chips are mapped on AGP which was not supported by Windows 2000 and later. So dual GPU capable drivers only exist for Win9x. Also the Rage 128 does not support Transform and Lighting (TnL).

The Rage 128 Pro chipset has better texture filtering, supports DX6 texture compression and doubled geometry throughput with an enhanced triangle setup compared to the Rage 128. It uses also AGP 4x.

ATi Rage Fury MAXX Driver