ATi Graphics Vantage

Technical details
Name: Graphics Vantage
Company: Array Technologies Inc.
Chipset: ATI 28800-6 (XVGA), ATI 38800-1 (Mach8)
Bus: ISA 16 bit
RAM: 512 kB DRAM 80 ns, 1024 kB DRAM 80 ns
DAC: INMOS IMSG176J-80Z at 80 MHz, 8 bit
Connectors: VGA, Bus Mouse
PCI ID n/a
Manufactured: 1992

The Graphics Vantage is two chipsets on a single card. The ATI 28800 does Super VGA using the 512 kB DRAM part while the ATI 38800 is IBM 8514/A compatible and can show 1024x768 at 256 colors (usually at 86 Hz interlaced). The 8514/A core is a lot faster than the original IBM 8514/A and includes also the acceleration functions. Ati also released a VRAM version of the card as Graphics Ultra.

ATi Graphics Vantage Driver