Intel AL440LX

Technical details
Name: AL440LX
Company: Intel
Chipset: Intel 440LX Balboa, 82443LX, PIIX4 82371AB, National PC97307, Yamaha 715-S
CPU socket: Slot-1
Memory: 3x DIMM, max. 384 MB
Bus: 1x AGP 2x, 4x PCI, 2x ISA 16 bit
Connectors: ATX power, PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse, front-module pins, 2x EIDE on PCI, floppy, 2x serial, parallel, 2xUSB 1.1, IrDA, Audio
Form factor: ATX
Manufactured: 1997

Supported CPUs are Pentium II (233 MHz - 333 MHz) and Celeron (266 MHz - 433 MHz) with 66 MHz FSB. The board supports SDRAM. The EIDE ports support UDMA/33. The onboard Yamaha OPL3-SA3 is in DOS SB-Pro and WSS compatible. The board has also Management Extension Hardware included. A cell battery is used to buffer the CMOS.

Mainboard Manual and Documentation