NexGen VLB/ISA Mainboard

Technical details
Name: VLB/ISA Mainboard
Company: NexGen Inc.
Chipset: NexGen NxVL, Opti F82C206Q
CPU socket: ZIF-Socket SCPGA-463
Memory: 256 kB async. Cache, 3 banks a 2 PS/2 SIMM sockets, max. 192 MB FPM
Bus: 2x Vesa Local Bus, 7x ISA 16 bit (2 shared)
Connectors: AT power, Keyboard, front-module pins
Form factor: Baby-AT
Manufactured: 1994

The board has a Nx586-P90 CPU plugged with CPU at 84 MHz and VLB at 42 MHz. It uses a AMI WinBIOS. Battery is a double stacked CR2325. Notable the bottom side has some additional capacitors soldered as well as an additional wiring on top and one on bottom. The board has no Multi I/O controller on board.

NexGen mainboard manuals, CPU description and Utilities.

Benchmarks on the NexGen System

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Playing Diablo on the NexGen System