Shuttle Spacewalker Soundsystem HOT-247 V2.0

Technical details
Name: Spacewalker Soundsystem HOT-247
Company: Shuttle Inc
Chipset: Opti 82C933
Bus: ISA 16 bit
Connectors: Line Out, Line In, Mic In, MIDI/Game, Wavetable
Standards (DOS): SB, SB Pro 2, WSS, Adlib (Opti FM), MPU-401 external
Manufactured: 1998

This card is configured by software.
Highly integrated late soundcard.
The wavetable is a complete software solution running in Windows 9x. It is Cybersynth from Invision Interactive with a 4 MB soundfont and 64 voices. On the Box it is called OPTiSound 64 Wavetable Synthesizer.
This software module is rather independent of the actual sound card installed.

Shuttle Spacewalker Sound System HOT-247 Drivers

CyberSound Settings Dialog

CyberSynth2 Release Notes

CyberSynth Keyboard (with nice Icon ^_^ )