Ensoniq Soundscape Elite

Technical details
Name: Soundscape Elite
Company: Ensoniq Corp.
Chipset: Analog Devices SoundPort AD1848KP, Ensoniq 5706000101, ES5510000206, OTTOR2, Motorola MC68EC000FN8
Bus: ISA 16 bit
Connectors: Line-Out, Line-In, Mic In, CD-ROM IDE/Matsushita/Mitsumi/Sony, CD In
Manufactured: 1995

The latest ISA sound card from Ensoniq. The carrier board is based on the Ensoniq Soundscape 2000 design. However the 2 MB RAM featured new instrument samples (compressed) and the daughterboard adds an Effect Processor. The OTTO wavetable synthesizer is able to play with 32-note polyphony. The card can be set to GM, GS and MT-32 instruments. The AD SoundPort codec allows 16 bit 48 kHz Stereo playback with hardware support of MS ADPCM, A-Law and u-Law Compression.
In DOS the card is compatible to Adlib, SB, SB 2.0, WSS and GM through MPU-401.

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